Systems Integration

Immersive Display Solution’s core expertise is in the integrating of our custom fabricated, curved-screen, fabric, fiberglass or acrylic displays with an appropriate projection layout that is, in turn, supported by best-in-class commercial off-the-shelf components for image generation, data transport, structure and any other systems that are needed to make up an overall solution.  Every project starts with the customer requirements and then around these we fit the proper components needed to satisfy that particular program.

Display solutions are rarely, if ever, the procurement of a singular component.  Rather, visual displays systems are typically comprised of some set of components and systems including but not limited to projection screen geometry, projection coating, projectors, optics, data transport, graphics processors, simulation applications, cockpits and controls, audio systems, IR or optic tracking, integrated control solutions, structural and mechanical support, architectural and/or facilities integration, cooling, acceptance testing, documentation, installation, project management and customer-provided equipment.  At IDSI we have the tools and expertise available to bring all variables of a project together into a cohesive whole, making sure all pieces of the overall program are considered in relationship to each other.