On-Site Installation

Immersive Display Solutions spends a significant amount time and effort ensuring that each installation will go smoothly once we arrive at the customer site. In order to meet this commitment, IDSI maintains a 1600 sq. ft. demonstration/installation facility at the Acworth headquarters specifically to pre-build each project prior to final delivery on site. Our team pre-installs each hardware and software component of your solution at our facility, verifying physical layout, projector placement and alignment, and image characteristics such as resolution, blend percentage, color differential, and other pertinent data. After completely verifying the installation, assembled parts are dismantled with mounting locations and orientations marked, a best-fit cable harnesses assembled, and all parts labeled. The full solution is then repackaged and made ready for transport to your site.

On site, IDSI’s installation team can provide everything from oversight to complete assembly. Since we have already built and tested your solution during the pre-install phase of the project, our install teams are able to arrive on site with the correct mental and physical tools to quickly and efficiently bring your solution into operational condition. Our install teams have the skill-sets necessary to assemble and finish either our fabric or seamed fiberglass displays on-site, as well as erect the dome and projector support structure, mount and align projectors, and verify warp and edge blend prior to physical project hand-off. In addition, in instances where acceptance testing is required, IDSI will provide the analytical measurement tools and expertise necessary to test, verify and document the as-built geometry and operational characteristics of your display to verify the visual solution meets the project requirements and specifications.