Custom Optics

Immersive Display Solutions has a long history with the specification, design and integration of custom ultra wide-field-of-view optics for immersive projection systems. Design and fabrication resources are available to integrate one of our current optic solutions into a project or, when necessary, new designs can be generated and fabricated to fit specific and unique project requirements. As a starting point for each project, IDSI works through a careful requirement and design review in order to optimize the development of a custom-fit, wide field of view optic (up to 220 degree light cone from a single optic). In some cases it is also quite possible to make minor design changes to an existing optic, significantly cutting down the design and testing iterations necessary to arrive at the final solution.

In most cases, the custom optics are matched with purpose-built graphics imagery to produce a true spherical image rather than simply a warped or stretched perspective image projected onto a curved surface. Through our network of dome content partners that create and deliver a wide range of live captured, computer generated, stereoscopic, interactive as well as positional tracked (parallax) based content, we are able to incorporate specific content into the project to match the particular optical prescription of the lens for an immersive perspective-correct experience.