Content Development & API Integration

A key aspect of every display system is the content that gets presented via the projection system onto the screen surface. Unlike a flat-screen monitor, content that has been image-corrected for display on domes must be developed with a spherical projection rather than the typical perspective projection. To accomplish this, content must be either captured or rendered using purpose-built libraries to produce the corrected imagery that accurately maps the content onto the project’s specific screen geometry. For real time computer simulation, it is frequently necessary to integrate the graphics libraries directly into an application in order to replace and/or augment the existing perspective-based graphics pipeline.

Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI) has both the access to the libraries, as well as a significant breadth of experience in using and integrating the libraries and toolsets needed to produce geometry-corrected scenes within curved or spherical-section displays. These libraries include: single channel projection from a wide-field-of-view optic onto a sphere-section; multi-channel rendering onto any geometry using automated warp and blend libraries; and animation generation tools that provide the equivalent of virtual optics. Additionally, through our network of partnerships IDSI can bring top quality content production for real-time, linear, interactive or stereoscopic content. For projects where modification of the graphics pipeline is either unrealistic or inaccessible, tools and hardware are able to be brought to the project that will remap each channel of imagery external to the computer.