Immersive Display Solutions is a services oriented company that is focused on the design and installation of customer-specified, curved screen display solutions. IDSI offers a full range of design and engineering services that span the spectrum from customer requirements, analysis and concept development out to integration, installation and acceptance-based verification testing. The IDSI team is continually building on their internal suite of tools and measurement instruments needed to design, integrate, and validate the combination of complexities associated with single- and multi-channel wide-field-of-view curved-screen visual display solutions.

Every IDSI project starts with the customer and their unique set of requirements. Utilizing our significant breadth of curved-display design and integration experience combined with a broad suite of computer design and analysis tools specifically brought together to enable short, customer-in-the-loop iterative design development, IDSI can help customers with specifications of nearly any complexity co nverge on a solution that fits the best balance between their requirements and their budget. Depending on requirements, IDSI can utilize a large selection of pre-existing off-the-shelf components, or, when needed for a special requirement, IDSI can make available to customers the resources needed to design, test and supply project-specific custom optics, display components and software integration.

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