Projector Layout

The most significant aspect of the design and integration of immersive solutions is the ordered placement of projected light onto a curved screen. IDSI utilizes a suite of internally-developed modeling, simulation, and analysis tools to provide the capability for quick turn-around of cost estimates and layout options, as well as developing the detailed installation planning and analysis documentation needed once the final requirement has been met by our design. Our layouts typically start with a display and a user-volume situated in view position in order to generate a specific understanding of the shadow-free zone that the layout must support. Detailed models of known projectors and their associated projection characteristics (optic throw distances, brightness, orientation limitations, heat flow) are then used to produce a layout that meets the customer’s resolution requirements. Following installation, IDSI maintains the instrumentation necessary to test and verify geometry, resolution and projection characteristics when customer acceptance testing is a required part of the program system.

Projector Layout DesignIn addition to the design of light-paths and determining display resolution, IDSI is able to match the projector layout positions with appropriate structural projector mountings and truss support structure that is integrated into the overall design goals. Whether the requirement demands a ruggedized projector mounting system or needs to be optimized for overall system portability, an appropriate solution can be developed from the products and capabilities developed by our engineering staff.