It is the inherent nature of the immersive display market, that most visual display solutions are custom-tailored to a specific application or list of project requirements.  With an ever-expanding choice of display sizes and shapes, display materials, projector resolutions, projector brightness and contrast, and specific customer requirements, the available options for an immersive visual display are constantly changing.

IDSI is pleased to offer a small number of integrated solutions to meet the needs of several markets and client groups.

JTAC MiniDomeSolutions

The Immersive Display MiniDome is an integrated solution developed for a wide variety of immersive training applications. Specifically designed with small footprint to maximize facility training space, the MiniDome is a compact and flexible multiple-projector display solution enabling users to … READ MORE

VisionStation 2

VS2Each VisionStation desktop display system envelopes the user in a 160×60 degree spherical environment. Its expansive field-of-view design, sets a new paradigm for affordability for a high quality, fully immersive visual system. It is delivered complete with screen, single- or multiple projectors, computer, sound system, and desk, so you can set it up, turn it on, and start working.READ MORE



Admersionad.mersion® was established as a service providing clients with a non-traditional alternative for out of home advertising, by leveraging advanced simulation and visualization technology to immerse the audience into a captivating, 3-dimensional world. Ad.mersion configurations range from small kiosk systems …