Projection Systems

Immersive Display Solutions has both the expertise and flexibility to provide the optimal projection system for any simulator or project. Typically offered in combination with our projector layout design services, IDSI supplies a complete range of consumer grade and professional grade LCD, LCoS and DLP projectors for multi-channel edge-blended and geometry-corrected solutions when ultra high resolution across the display screen is critical to your application. In addition , single channel OmniFocus™ and HemiStar™ projection systems are offered where ultra-wide angle optics, ease of use and system portability are key requirements.

  • Multi-Projector Systems

    A number of training and simulation systems often require multiple-projector visual display systems to provide the image fidelity and brightness required by high-end applications. In these special cases, Immersive Display Solutions employs an integrated approach with key industry partners to …

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    Multiprojector Systems
  • Single Optic Systems

    Immersive Display Solutions offers a range of single-lens ultra-wide field-of-view projection optics and systems.  Each provides an affordable solution for single- or multi-user immersive projection environments, enabling rapid deployment of simple, single-channel systems with stunning image quality.  Using a single …

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    Single Optic
  • Warp & Blend Systems

    Immersive Display Solutions offers a range of complementary solutions for performing geometry warp and seamless edge-blending on our multi-channel projection solutions. The market for high-resolution, multi-projector, edge-blended immersive domes and displays has continued to rapidly expand, and IDSI has responded …

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