Desktop Solutions

The Immersive Desktop is a custom reconfigurable, curved screen display solution from Immersive Display Solutions, Inc.  Intended for small footprint, single-user, “out-the-window” type immersive applications, the Immersive Desktop provides unique flexibility in a rear-projection display environment.  With customizable resolution combined with a variety of options for projectors, projection layout and footprint, the display meets a wide range of application needs and market requirements.

The initial desktop configuration consists of a rear-projected spherical surface providing a 30” radius, a 160-degree horizontal sweep of curvature and a 60-degree vertical sweep of curvature (+30°/-30° above and below the screen equator).  The display can be integrated with 2 up to 6 projectors offering a range of resolution from 2800×1000 (2.8 Million pixels, 3.3 arc-minutes per pixel) up to 5000×1900 (9.5 Million pixels, 1.9 arc-minutes per pixel).  The operational footprint of the display varies by the number and layout of projectors and specific customer requirements.  Configurations with fold mirrors are available to reduce the physical footprint and bundled software includes a fully-integrated auto calibration solution for the warp and edge-blending of multi-channel content into a single unified ultra-high resolution display.