Display Systems

ImmersiveDome™ offers hemispherical dome displays, fulldome theaters and the recently-introduced panoramic displays. Immersive displays are available in three (3) different construction types:

  • Collapsible fabric (aluminum framework with reverse pressure screen)
  • Hard-shell (molded plastic, or fiberglass-reinforced plastic)
  • Inflatable (highly portable fabric)

On a custom basis we can provide displays of most any size up to 10-meters in diameter. Alternative configurations also include our horizontally-mounted TopDome (especially appropriate for certain flight-simulation applications), as well as tilted or raked domes.

  • Desktop Displays

    The Immersive Desktop is a custom curved screen rear-projection display solution intended for small footprint, single-user, “out-the-window” type immersive applications, providing unique flexibility in a desktop display environment for a range of serious gaming, visualization, and simulation and training applications.

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    Desktop Displays
  • Fabric Displays

    The ImmersiveDome C-series are extremely lightweight, transportable fabric display systems ranging in size from 2-meter to 6-meter in diameter. Each system utilizes a sealed fabric projection surface and aluminum tube frame internal structure to create the curved projection surface.

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    Fabric Displays
  • Hard Shell Displays

    The ImmersiveDome H-series are a full range of hard shell domes and cylindrical displays in a variety of standard sizes for applications that require a permanent installation with a seamless high-quality surface for optimal image quality.

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    Hardshell Displays
  • Inflatable Displays

    The ImmersiveDome I-series is a family of dual-pressure inflatable hemispherical and full-dome displays with no rigid internal structure or components, for applications that require an extremely portable and rapidly deployable solution with quick installation and breakdown times.

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    Inflatable Display