Immersive Display Solutions provides innovative display products and services that enable customers to achieve their simulation, training, visualization and presentation objectives.

  • Display Systems

    ImmersiveDome™ offers hemispherical dome displays, fulldome theaters and the recently-introduced panoramic displays. Immersive displays are available in three (3) different construction types: Collapsible fabric, Hard-shell, Inflatable

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    Desktop Displays
  • Projection Systems

    OmniFocus systems are single projector, single- or multi-user Projection Solutions built around proprietary optics technology and OmniMap geometry-correction software tools from The Elumenati LLC. OmniFocus lenses are available for full hemisphere (180 x 180 FOV) as well as truncated hemispheres (180 x 135 FOV). Immersive Display Solutions is a master distributor for the entire line of The Elumenati products and technologies.

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    Single Optic
  • Solutions

    Our solutions make our clients shine… we combine various products with our specialized services to create unique client solutions…

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